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What Islam Says About Hijab And Praying Hats? The Best Gift For Your Beautiful, Pious Spouse

Hijab is an Arabic word, and it means that the partition or barrier. For the Muslim Woman, it is the principle of modesty, which includes behaviors and dressing both for men and women. Women cannot go out of their homes without wearing Hijab, while men don't need to wear a prayer cap. It was the practice of our Muhammad (PBUH), who wore prayer caps all day. To follow his step, every man should wear that, at least for the praying. In front of Allah, the most beautiful relationship is the husband-wife relation. Therefore, spouses should gift each other Islamic gifts to increase love and respect for each other. Hijabs and Praying hats have their importance in Islam. We should follow the pathway of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

arabic head scarf

1. Importance of Hijab in Islam

Hijab has different forms, but the most visible form of Hijab is the head covering. Head covering Hijab is wearing by many Muslim women. A woman who wears Hijab, such as an Arabic headscarf, is known as Muhaajaba. Hijab is not necessary in front of the father, brother, grandfathers, young children etc. However, every Muslim woman must observe Hijab in front of the man they could marry. Therefore, both men and women need to lower their gaze and "guard their modesty". 

  1. Guard their Modesty:

The basic interpretation of it is to cover their private parts that include women chests. Islam gives every right to a woman and sets some boundaries for her, and she is not allowed to break that boundary. 

  1. Zeenah Ornaments:

It has been interpreted to mean body parts, fine clothes, beauty, or jewllery. 

"O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer..."

  1. Jewllery:

This interpretation is supported by the instructions that women do not stamp their feet to draw men's attention to themselves. 

2. Islam and Prayer caps

Men to cover their head comes from the Islamic and ancient civilizations. To cover the head, the usage of hats originates from ancient times, although there are some differences of opinion to the hat nature. Imam Bukhaari states in his book:

"In there is a proof that to wear kamees, pyjamas, tops etc. which are mentioned in the Abdullah ibn Umar (R.A ) hadith are amongst ancient commands."

 It was not only Islamic and ancient civilizations to wear a cap. But it was part and parcel of the Prophets and pious ancient costume and clothing. Therefore, it is also proven that Prophet Muhammad wore a hat. Allahmah Qastallani (R.A) says that:

"The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had an imammah which was called as Sihab. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wore beneath it a small flat cap which was drawn together towards the head." 

The credible narration of Ayesha (R.A), which Hafiz Abu Muhammad stated in his book:

 "The Prophet (PBUH) wore an elevated topy in his journey and whilst in residence a flat top which was drawn together towards the head". (Akhlak a Naby)

 To follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslim men should wear prayer caps as the companions of the Prophet (PBUH) too wore an imammah to cover their head

1.Follower of Muhammad (PBUH):

You can wear a prayer cap to show that you are a follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In the Quran, All Muhammad (PBUH) companions wore a head covering at all times. Therefore, it is one of the reasons many Muslims adopted this practice. It is also believed that Muhammad (PBUH) wore a prayer cap, therefore to obey and follow his tradition, every Muslim man should wear it during the prayer. 


During the prayer, either you are at home or in a mosque, wear prayer hat. For men, it is known as mustahab, to seek the love of Allah, to cover the head during prayer. Many mosques place prayer caps and headscarves outside the door for every man and woman who enter the mosque. However, men don't need to wear hats to enter the mosque, and it is a sign of respect for the Islamic religion. 

3.Hijab and Praying hats as a sign of Modesty:

The central principle of faith in Islam is modesty. Every Muslim should show modesty in every aspect of life, such as actions, dress and behavior. Quran does not clearly state that men have to cover their heads; otherwise, they will be considered a sinner. Historically, Muslims have chosen to wear Islamic hat as a sign of modesty, as well as women should wear proper hijab as a sign of modesty.

3. Islamic Gifts Ideas

If you are a Muslim couple, then it is necessary to exchange Islamic gifts with each other. Gifts, especially personalised islamic gifts, makes the relationship more strong and beautiful. Nothing can be more beautiful than the Islami products. Following are the gift ideas that you can give your spouse as a sign of love and generosity.  

  • Quran with Quran bookmarks and wooden Quran stand
  • Islamic wall arts for home and office decoration such as Islamic Calligraphy
  • A set of beautiful Hijab with abaya for your wife
  • Men headscarf if he is found of Arabic style
  • Prayer mats
  • Tasbeeh
  • An azan watch 
  • Set of kurta pyjamas for your husband 

Islam emphasizes wearing Hijab to every Muslim woman. Hijab gives you a sense of protection and more beauty in your soul and personality. You can seek the love of Allah by wearing Hijab. Islam tells every man and woman to lower their gaze as a sign of modesty. Muslim hat is not necessary for Muslim men to wear. However, if you are wearing it at least during your prayers, it will show your love towards your religion. In this way, you can present yourself as a follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Gifts are just not beautiful memories. Gift exchanging activity can increase love and respect in your relationship. Nothing can be a more precious gift than any Islamic gift such as Quran or Hijab for your spouse. To live a peaceful life, it is important to follow Islamic rules. 

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